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Chiltern Teaching School Hub


Chiltern Teaching School Hub has a rich history in delivering CPD making use of digital platforms to provide webinars and sessions that have been attended internationally with over 6000 hours of engagement. We will partner with curriculum hubs to signpost the highest level of support available to schools.

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During these new and challenging times, we understood that we were all having to do things in new ways. The priority was of course how we could best support our students in their "home schooling". However, we also understood that our staff needed to return to work as strong and able as possible. To this end, we scheduled a series of online sessions that tackle all the key areas to develop yourself as leaders and educators. The 50+ sessions offer a mixture of topics that will appeal to aspiring leaders, middle leaders and senior leaders.

The series attracted over 2000 attendees each week from over 79 countries. Speakers included Mary Myatt, Dame Alison Peacock, Asif Sadiq MBE. Tom Sherrington, Dr. Emma Kell, Vic Goddard, Oliver Caviglioli and Amjad Ali to name but a few. Topics include Leadership in all forms, middle management tips, Ofsted framework including subject deep dives and Diversity.


The launch of Leadership Development - #LDeduchat webinars highlighted the importance and willingness of staff to volunteer their own time for their development. Born from this series #CPDeduchat aims to fill the gap in staff desire for development at a more operational level.

CPD has been shown to increase teacher motivation, confidence, and commitment to teaching. Learning new skills and applying them in the classroom can lead to a more stimulating and effective educational environment. But CPD shouldn’t just be for teachers.

Our approach to CPD looks at how we can develop and enhance all staff working within schools to provide an overall improvement. Our development opportunities will reach out to both teaching and non-teaching staff. We hold a belief that it is not just the teachers in front of the class that makes for a rich learning environment.

Thanks to growth in online facilities we are now able to provide a wide range of development opportunities that are no longer bound by geographical location or time constraints. CPD is at your fingertips, ready to consume when you are ready to absorb. This model will give you much greater flexibility than traditional inset days or twilight sessions.


Denbigh high school along with Challney Girls school were designated as ED Tech demonstrator schools in 2020 and have supported a number of schools with their development of tech for learning.

The Ed Tech programme was designed to help schools and colleges with support for remote education, powered by a national network of Demonstrator Schools and Colleges and supported by a consortium of Delivery Partners.

The programme was funded by the English Department for Education and supported 4,000 schools and colleges across England - helping over 200,000 classroom staff and 2 million learners.


Additional CPD offerings

Charcoal Making workshop - A twilight session where you will learn how to prepare the wood and take part in the scientific process of making charcoal

Forest School - A 5-day forest school skills course

Forest School taster session - A twilight taster session where you will learn at least three creative ways to complement an EYFS and KS1 curriculum

Papermaking workshop - You will learn how to prepare used paper and take part in the scientific process of turning it into handmade paper

Woodworking skills - You will find out how woodwork complements the EYFS and KS1 curriculum and the acquisition of learning disposition
such as problem-solving and resilience.

Woodworking to support SEND  -This is a hands-on session including a demonstration on the safe use of Early Years woodworking tools, followed by the opportunity for hands-on experience.


Challenging Conversation CPD - We all struggle with some conversations: this course will look at the factors and techniques involved in preparing for a difficult conversation.

Incorporating music across the curriculum - This course will focus on developing a personalised curriculum and managing and incorporating this across the Curriculum. We will look at the Model Music Curriculum as well as ways that Music can be taught in other curriculum areas.

PSHE including RSE - Update summary of the key requirements and changes for the teaching of Relation and Sex Education and Health Education and practical ideas for teaching RSE at primary