Chiltern Teaching School Hub

Our Delivery Partners

Chiltern Teaching School Hub holds a steadfast commitment to leveraging the expertise of local educators to foster teacher development within our hub sites. In our pursuit of excellence, we have forged partnerships with highly skilled practitioners from diverse educational contexts, uniting them to deliver what we fondly refer to as the 'Golden Thread' to our vibrant community.

Pioneer Learning Trust

The Pioneer Trust is a small, but growing Trust of collaborative schools in Luton.  The Trust currently consists of 3 larger than average primary schools – Chantry Primary Academy, Southfield Primary School and Whitefield Primary Academy. Lead by Cori Batemann who has a wealth of experience in school improvement.

Inspiring Futures Through Learning

Inspiring Futures Through Learning are a MAT made up of primary schools in Milton Keynes lead by Sarah Bennet. Inspiring Futures through Learning (IFtL) was set up in 2016 as a natural extension of our school improvement journey. Indeed, for over twenty years our founding school, Two Mile Ash School had worked with very secure, high-quality partners in their ITT School-Based Partnership, supporting newly formed Trusts in turning schools in difficulty around and created our CPD programme to support the development of leadership and continual professional development both locally and nationally.

5 Dimensions Trust

We are a Multi-Academy Trust that serves the young people of west Milton Keynes, currently comprising of three high-performing Secondary Schools –  Priory Rise School, The Hazeley Academy and Shenley Brook End School.

The Leadership and Training Centre

The Leadership and Training Centre opened in 2012 to provide nationally accredited and bespoke professional development and training for leaders in education within the school, community, Milton Keynes and further afield. 

It quickly established a strong reputation for both the quality and creativity of its leadership training, and for its transformational and forward-thinking approach to school leadership.

Biddenham International School

Our school is a  successful, vibrant and wonderfully diverse community comprehensive that is committed to high standards in all areas, first class teaching and ensuring that students are cared for in their time with us and leave us with many happy memories. It is our job to work with our parents and young people to ensure that they get to where they want to be in life and realise their potential.

Our overarching mission is ‘Opening Minds, Transforming Lives’ and our Core Principles are Friendship and Compassion, Inspiration, Determination, Enjoyment and Success. (More on our Mission, Core Principles and Values can be found here.) As a school we aim to nurture the strengths and potential in all students of all abilities in all disciplines through a challenging, supportive and inspiring environment. Opportunities for enrichment within and beyond the curriculum are plentiful and we are committed to providing a wide range of opportunities for all our students.

Peter Pan Training Partnership

Peter Pan Training Partnership is proud to work with outstanding and good schools from Bedford & Cambridgeshire.

We have a strategic board with representatives from the early years and primary sectors along with external educational establishments, such as Schools of tomorrow and our accredited ITT provider Two Mile Ash in Milton Keynes.

BEST academies

BEST schools strive to deliver great outcomes and offer extensive curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. We do this through a shared belief in high expectations, hard work and community-based provision. Our schools work together to add value and continually compete to improve.

BEST comprises four lower schools (Campton, Gothic Mede, Gravenhurst and Lawnside); two primary schools (Langford Village and St Christophers); one middle school (Robert Bloomfield); two extended secondary schools (Etonbury and Pix Brook); and an upper school (Samuel Whitbread).

Herts for Learning

Herts for Learning (HfL) is an award-winning provider of products and services to schools and educational settings within and outside Hertfordshire. We believe that every young person, through access to a great education, should be able to realise their potential, regardless of where they live or their circumstances. Our work is focused on supporting the schools we work with to achieve successful long-term outcomes for their children. HfL is the UK’s largest School Company, operates with a not-for-profit ethos and is majority owned by Hertfordshire schools.  Beyond maintaining sufficient reserves and financing long-term projects, any surplus made is invested in the common good and/or the development of specific new services to address key challenges for our shareholding schools. Since our inception in 2013 we have reinvested nearly £1million in activities that would not otherwise have attracted funding.

Round Diamond

We are a welcoming and happy school where everyone is valued and respected. We have a dedicated, enthusiastic and committed team of staff who endeavour to provide a learning journey full of awe and wonder. Everyone at Round Diamond consistently works hard to give the very best education, both academically and socially, to our pupils. We believe that our staff make a real difference, and that every individual child matters.


When entering our school you will immediately feel the warmth, friendliness and mutual regard that underpins all we do at Round Diamond. We have high expectations of pupils, in their learning and in the way they deal with others. Our aim is for our children to learn and achieve to the best of their ability, as well as behave in a courteous and sensible manner at all times.

Windhill 21

This is a school where every child is valued; a school which ignites the spark of curiosity, creativity and individuality.  It is through our inspirational teaching and a culture of possibility that the children at Windhill21 achieve their potential. We believe that a ‘growth mindset’ attitude is essential; a belief that hard work and effort leads to success, not just natural talent or ability.

Agora Learning Partnership

The Agora Learning Partnership (formerly the Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust) is an inclusive, collaborative and forward-looking Trust where we all work together, learn together and succeed together in order to give all of the children in our academies the best possible education and learning opportunities.

Stevenage Secondaries


We partner with a number of Stevenage secondary schools to promote and deliver teacher development. The 5 secondary schools work in close partnerships to see th edelivery of the ECF and NPQ programmes. We are working with Thomas Alleyne, The Nobel School, Marriotts, John Henry Newman and Barnwell School.