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NPQ for Leading Literacy

Chiltern Teaching School Hub is proud to work with the National Institute of Teaching for the National Professional Qualification for Leading Literacy. 

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What is the NPQ for Leading Literacy?

This programme will develop participants’ expertise in leading literacy by developing a deep understanding of evidence-based practice in language reading and writing.


What you’ll learn

  • How to support colleagues to develop pupils’ language capability and wider understanding of language, word reading, reading comprehension and writing skills
  • How to design and implement literacy-improvement strategies
  • How to contribute to effective professional development related to teaching, curriculum and assessment across the school

How you’ll learn

The programme is made up of four modules, studied over 12 months. Each module contains a combination of self-study units, locally delivered in-person sessions, online masterclasses delivered by specialists, practice clinics and virtual visits to a school.

Time commitment

On average, participants will spend between one and two hours a week working towards the NPQLL. Where possible, study should be done in dedicated career-development time during school hours.

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