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Early Careers FAQ

Commonly used abbreviations


Early Career Framework


Early Career Teacher


Early Career Mentor


Core Induction Programme


Full Induction Programme


School Induction Programme


Appropriate Body


Initial Teacher Training


Newly Qualified Teacher

Statutory Entitlement

What do we need to sign our ECT up for to be compliant with statutory regulations?

Your ECTs must be signed up with an Appropriate Body and an ECF provision on the DFE portal

What does the term ‘induction coordinator’ mean?

The ‘induction coordinator’ is another name for the ‘induction tutor’ that the DFE refers to in statutory guidance. They are the person in a school tasked with arranging the induction for the ECT, including assessment. It may in some circumstances be appropriate for the headteacher to be the induction coordinator.

Will ECTs be able to complete induction on a part time contract?

Yes, ECTs will be able to complete induction on a part time basis.

How often do the ECT and ECM need to meet?

In year one the ECT will require a weekly mentor meeting with this moving to fortnightly in year two.

What are the time table reductions for an ECT?

10% in year one. 

5% in year two.

Appropriate Body Services

How do we sign our ECTs up for Appropriate Body Services?

Please register your ECTs here

How will we submit professional reviews and formal assessments?

All assessments will be submitted via ECT Manager online platform (This was previously known at NQT Manager).

2 progress reviews followed by an assessment report each year.

What is the cost of Appropriate Body Services?


If the ECF is two years long is it still possible to employ ECTs on one year contracts?

Yes, one year contracts are still possible, an ECT will complete one year of the programme in your school and then continue the programme once they start at another school.

Do we have to use Chiltern Teaching School Hubs ECF provision to use your Appropriate Body services?

No we are able to provide Appropriate Body services to all schools regardless of which ECF provision you choose to use.

What do we need to do when an ECT leaves our school?

The report will be converted into an interim assessment on ECT Manager once you select the box to say they are leaving. If this is midway through the term please contact

When you are completing this form, please indicate that your ECT will not be staying with you beyond this term. 

Please also ensure this had been updated on the DfE portal

Early Career Framework

What options do we have for the Early Career Framework?

Your school has 3 delivery options for ECF-based training.

You can choose to:

It’s up to your school leaders to decide which option will be best for your ECTs and mentors.

What is the cost to schools if we choose to follow the fully funded Induction Programme?

The Full Induction Programme is fully funded by the DfE and therefore has no costs to schools.

What is the cost to schools if we choose to deliver our own Induction Programme?

Using the accredited materials to deliver your own ECF or designing your own will incur costs from the Appropriate Body for fidelity checking. 

Accredited materials (£1200)

Design your own (£2400)

Which Lead Provider are you partnering with?

We are proud to be a delivery partner for Best Practice Network.

How do we sign our ECTs up for the ECF Full Induction Programme?

Please register your ECTs and select provider here

Please register your school here if this is your first time using our ECF service.

How are schools funded for the in-school mentor role?

All state funded schools using the fully funded ECF programme will automatically receive back fill payments at the end of the academic year to support ECT and mentor time off of timetable.

What are the Early Career Framework standards?

The ECF standards can be found here.

Best Practice Network - Dashboard & Canvas

Canvas and Participant dashboard

Your Canvas Portal is where you will find all resources, modules and any recorded sessions.

Please refer to your session information on the participant dashboard to establish which module you will need to access.

You can access this through

A short video to support you can be found here.

Your Participant Dashboard is where all session information can be found. These will be listed under the 'Events' tab. All zoom links will be listed here too. Information will no longer be emailed out and will instead be uploaded here in the week before your session. 

The details for each module can be found on the session information also.

You can access this through

A short video to support you can be found here.

Username: Will be the same email that you signed up with in your application.

Password: Will be the same as you used in your application.

If you find you are having any technical issues with either platform, you can email Best Practice Network directly at

DFE Early Careers Portal

Unable to log in

Please contact   the Teaching School Hub are unable to reset this for you.

What information do we need to log on the portal?

Name, DOB and TRN for ECTs and Mentors

Confirm or assign an ECF provider

Changing ECF provider

You will need to register your school with Best Practice Network. You can do so via this link:  BPN School registration

If you can contact the original provider, to make them aware of this change also and have them confirm the end of partnership.

Once this has occurred, you will need to send the confirmation to the DfE at

The DfE will then send your school an email when they have removed your original provider. 

Legacy NQTs - started induction prior to September 2021

What is the process for those NQTs that started induction prior to September 2021 and are not due to complete before the end of this current academic year?

There will be some NQTs who have started but not completed induction by 1st September 2021. The DfE intends to allow these teachers until September 2023 to complete a one year induction period. After this point, these teachers will still be able to complete induction, but will need to complete a full 2 year period.