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Curriculum Hubs

At Chiltern Teaching School Hub we are proud to promote and work with specialist curriculum hubs to ensure schools continuously receive the highest standards of curriculum-specific support. Use the links below to access the curriculum hubs you would like to engage with.

If you are not sure which curriculum hub to contact then please email: 










 Curriculum Hub CPD Events



The Enigma and Matrix Herts Maths Hub run a number of work groups to support Maths teachers across a number of phases.  Find out more below:

Matrix Maths Hub Work Groups

Maths-Curriculum-CPD (ID 1148)




Science-Curriculum-CPD (ID 1149)





  • Reading Leader Training and networking meetings
    18th April 24 - 9.30 to 11.00
  • Supporting Pupils with Complex SEND in Phonics
    27th February 24 - 9.15 to 11.45 - Online
  • Promoting a Love of Reading for All
    20th March 24 - 9.00 to 12pm - Online
  • A close up on Comprehension
    21st March 24 - 3.45 to 5.00 - Online
  • ECT Session 4 - Administrating the PSC: Getting children to succeed
    25th March - 3.45 to 4.30 - Online






Computing-Hub (ID 1165)